Timothy Alexander Phillips


A photographer, entrepreneur and community builder based in New York.

I was born in Mississippi and lived in the deep south until middle school, when I moved to upstate New York. I’m the first in my family to go to college and the only C’s on my transcript were Intro to Architecture and Intro to Photography, later they would become two my greatest later in life! I trained as a sculptor and architect and worked as an architect in Connecticut for several years before moving to NYC and becoming an entrepreneur.

Since moving to New York City I have started and run a series of companies ranging from hospitality to real estate ventures but my true passion has always been community building.  I helped found the UnionDocs art collective in 2003 which is now a powerhouse in the documentary art world and sit on the boards of a number of charities that I have helped grow. About seven years ago I started throwing a masquerade birthday party that has since become an event far larger than me with thousands of people in attendance in all their costumed glory! Most importantly I have learned the remarkable gift of connection. Through that event alone, business partnerships have formed, friends have met their spouses, and best of all, funds raised have contributed thousands of dollars to NYC based charities.



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